Hey! You Goonies!!! Now is your chance to finally own the highest quality replica of the "DOUBLOON" of One-eyed Willie from my old dusty attic to yours. I obtained this from a professional prop maker that is well known for his detailed work and is the original prop maker for the props on display at the Oregon Film Museum's Goonie Display.


This is the only replica version of this prop that is accurate to the original prop. As you can see in the last picture above, which is a picture of the original prop from the 80's Goonie Fan magazine. Not only is it accurate, it is cast in METAL, BRASS-PLATED, and has a real nice weight to it. This prop also has a Real Patina using chemicals to speed up the patina aging process. Every detail has been painstakingly sculpted down to the texture and the littlest ding. You would think this was cast from the original mold. This is even better than the original prop, since the original was cast in resin. Now it is available in brass-plated metal, as if it actually existed as a real nautical / pirate artifact.

After finding the location on the map, the Goonies used this Doubloon to find the entrance to the tunnels, and find the treasure. A crucial prop in the movie "The Goonies", this is one of the most sought after prop next to the map of One-Eyed Willie.

The pictures here do not do this prop any justice. Don't miss your chance to own this extremely rare piece of historical Goonie memorabilia!