Thanks for viewing my listing! These are made out of a durable poly resin plastic and molded right after a real 17" butcher chefs knife!!! These are completely hand painted and con safe because they are plastic and the blades are flexible!!! Flexible, but durable!!! If this gets dropped directly tip first on the ground, there's a good chance the very tip will snap, but I believe any plastic resin knife would be the same way as this is the weakest point of a knife! These are my Standard versions and the handles are plain black with nickel painted rivets!!! Ive personally tested the flexibility and durability of my test prototype and feel that they are top quality!!! These look super realistic and are of movie quality! Perfect for cosplay and to add realism to a costume!!! I use professional special effects prop blood on my blades that drys looking wet and clotted! Very grizzly looking! Clean versions are available as well! Just specify which you would like after check out by sending me a message! Clean versions are now available again!!! I stand behind my work and ill let the photos do the talking!

If you are interested in my deluxe versions that feature a very realistic looking wood handle, i have those listed as well! Please see my other items!

I only ship in the USA and except payment via PayPal!!!