This piece was painted in 1999, during the heighth of his career, by Wiili (correct spelling!) Bobalink Summer who was Manic-Depressive, unable to take care of himself, yet had an IQ of 168. His favorite subjects were birds, butterflies, angels and women, especially pregnant women with whom he had a fascination. He would paint 30 pieces on a specific theme when manic, staying up days until delirious due to lack of sleep and then disappear for months at a time when depressed, often ending up back in the hospital. He painted on found objects (rocks, fence posts, ironing boards, etc.) and canvases he found or painted over and construction paper. He also stated that the angels would sit on his shoulder and create the actual paintings. This is one of his pieces from the Grandfather Mountain landscape series. Collectors pay $200-$12,000 for his works and really get addicted to collecting him! He settled in Boone, NC in the Appalachian Mountains where he died. There are holes on the top corners from Wiili hanging it to dry.