BUY 2 "Wall DecalsGET 1 "Wall DecalFREE
                          Buy 2 Listing & message us the 3rd decal with equal value or less.
If you buy 2 listing & don't message us the FREE decal, we will send a couple of small decals in its place.

    Decal Size:  W 23.5" (59.69cm)  x  H 13.5" (34.29cm)
                                        This decal comes in one part.

                                     If its set up like the above picture.
                PLEASE go by these measurements and NOT the picture.
             If you need this decal bigger or small send us a text message.

                       Description: This is for a NEW vinyl decal sticker.
                  High quality vinyl was used to ensure long lasting abilty.
           The vinyl is a die cut. There is NO BACKGROUND on this decal.

                                           Message Us: Color

                    The color you get if you don’t specify any other color.
                                                                     ( Black Color )
               Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface.
              Put them on your walls, doors, windows - anywhere you want!

                                                 How to install vinyl

1. Clean the surface. Remove the old vinyl lettering and then clean the surface
    with appropriate cleaner. Take precaution to avoid lint being left on the surface.
For plastic or glass, a simple surface cleaner like windex is appropriate.
For exterior painted or metal surface. you can use a solvent cleaner
For interior painted surface, you can use generic household cleaner
2. Make a hinge for the sign you want to apply. Apply masking tape to the top of
    the sign upwards.
3. Remove the backing. Pull the adhesive backing upwards.
4. Apply the sign. Carefully place the sign on the surface and then use a squeegee
    to transfer the vinyl to the surface. (SQUEEGEE NOT INCLUDED).
5. Remove the tape. Carefully pull upwards to remove the tape