This Listing Includes:

·       (1) Single Panel Drug Test for Cocaine (COC)

      • Cut-off Level: 300 ng/mL


3 Easy Steps to fast Results

1.   Remove test from packaging

2.   Remove cap on card and dip strip into urine sample for 5-10 seconds or until you see the panel start to wick-up

3.   Read results: Test will show 1 line as a control and the presence of a second line indicates a negative test result. If only the control line is visible, the test is a presumptive positive. If the control line does not show up, the test is invalid. No matter how ‘faint’ or ‘hard to see’ a line appears to be, said line is still reliable. A ‘faint’ or ‘dark’ line does not indicate more or less use of a substance. In other words, the test confirms substance use according to the cutoff level.


“Cut-off Level” Explained: The cut-off level is the minimum amount of the substance that is detectable. When a drug is consumed, the body excretes the drug as a metabolite, which is what the test is made to detect. For example, a cut-off level of 300 ng-mL means that 300 nanograms of the metabolite must be present within 1 milliliter of urine.

More About this Test:

  • ·     99.9% accurate
  • ·     FDA 510K Cleared
  • ·     Simple to use 5-Minute test with step by step instructions
  • ·     Adheres to SMAHSA guidelines and cutoff levels
  • ·     This is a Single panel drug test meaning it only test for **ONE** Drug.


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