Property Address: 1252 E. 113 Ave. #B203 Tampa, FL 33612

CASH, BITCOIN, ETHER or any other traded cryptocurrency ACCEPTED - UNIT RENTED FOR $695 PER MONTH - 1 YR LEASE IN PLACE

Studio condominium property located in Tampa, FL. Tzadik Oaks Condominium. Gated community with a pool and gym.
Property has been well kept and in very good condition. No work needed on the property. Currently has brand new stove and refrigerator with 1 year warranty in place (not shown in pictures). Everything works in property and tenant is very happy. 

I desire to sell the property since I'll be moving away and won't be able to continue to manage the property. (I personally like to stay close to my properties)
However, you can hire a management company if you would like in case you are out of the country and they can send you the rental income. Very easy to do and I can assist with this process if you desire.)

Below is the breakdown of the current cash-flow of property:

Rental Income: $695/month

Expenses & Savings:
$157.00 - Condo fee (monthly)
$45.00 - Reserves for yearly real estate tax
$40.00 - Homeowner's Insurance (optional but suggested)
$29.00 - Vacancy Factor (this property is always in high demand but I still add to my math a small possible loss of rental income in case tenants move out and need to be replaced)
$50.00 - Repair Reserves (unit is painted, has less then 1 yr old AC, new fridge and stove. There is really nothing there that will break anytime soon. But a small reserve is smart thing to do)

$374.00 NET in your pocket every month. You will actually put $538.00 per month in your pocket but you should save for the taxes, maintenance, etc....but you don't have to and simply reinvest the money. 

I wish I had more updated pictures as unit looks better then in pictures shown. 

Any questions, feel free to email me. I reply quickly :)