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what you see in this auction is what you will get! we don't use same fake pictures, poor quality picture or stock pictures as 100's of sellers do, trying to hide the real conditions of your purchase!! we are very honest sellers!

100% free of any leaks or bubbles. have been aired up and checked for any leaks or sidewall bubbles, they're ready to be mounted and are guaranteed to be drivable.



TIRE 1:  5.4/32 Tread

TIRE 2:  5.4/32 Tread


about 54% average thread life remaining between these tires

All tires for sale are used. All of the tires are checked with air under water and visually before listed for sale and double checked with air under water and visually after the purchase, before packed or shipped. Please note that we double check the tires after purchase is made, in case of any problem we do not ship out the tires, instead we contact a buyer, within 24 hours after the purchase, via email . All tires are guaranteed to be visually and air checked under water before listed and rechecked visually and with air under water after the purchase. Tires for sale are used and some had been professionally repaired. We inspect all repairs done to the tires visually and with air under water. We guarantee no sidewall repairs and no plugs. the patch can be near at the sidewall, but never in the middle of the sidewalls, Professional repairs are safe to drive on and are not noticeable. All repaired tires are carefully checked with air.





If is trough PAYPAL try to PAY immediately, Payment would be received in 72 hours or three days of auction end or non-payer bidder alert will be filled in the 7th day.


We prefer ship to Paypal VERIFIED Confirmed address, but if do you want your delivery at different paypal confirmed address, (NO CONFIRMED)! just submit your payment with the new shipping address, WE DON'T accept shipping address confirmation trough e-mail or ebay messages!


By bidding on this item, you are agreeing to all information, terms and conditions contained throughout this listing.

Please read thoroughly and bid accordingly

Your satisfaction is important to us.  It strives to accurately list and photograph every tire we list for sale so that bidders can buy with confidence. WE DON'T USE STOCK PHOTOS AS MANY SELLER DO. Therefore, we only accept returns if the item was not at described in the auction.

However, we  don't  know the history or use of these tires and has performed no testing like speed balance to the tires.

Tire (s) can be returned back for a refund or replacement within 7 days after the purchase was made. In order for a buyer to return tire (s):

 buyer must contact to inform us of intend to return.

Buyer must return tire (s) back to our location at buyers expense. Buyers pay all shipping related costs, including shipping tire (s) to and from our location.


It is  buyers choice to either receive a refund or replacement tire (s):

Replacement will not be issued if tires had been driven on.

Replacement will not be issued if buyer contacted after 10 days, buyer must contact within 10 days after the purchase.



Shipping Quote:  If you want a shipping quote contact me.  Please give your postal code when asking for a quote. 

Taxes:  You are responsible for any customs fees and taxes your Country applies to the product you purchased

Payment:  When you purchase the product you will receive an invoice.  This invoice will come to you with the standard shipping fee for LOWER 48 STATES States.  FOR CANADA, HAWAII, ALASKA, AND PUERTO RICO SHIPMENTS PLEASE E-MAIL US THE ZIP CODE AND WE WILL INFORM YOU OF THE SHIPPING CHARGES TO YOUR AREA. WE SHIP VIA UPS GROUND 


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