Hearing Aid Over the Counter- Simple Ear Advanced

Hearing Aid Over the Counter-  Simple Ear Advanced


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Get the boost in your hearing you need hassle free with Simple Ear.  Simple Ear Advanced is a high quality, slim behind-the-ear digital personal hearing device. No prescription is required and no fitting is necessary - use them right out of the box. Buy them individually for your left or right ear or purchase a pair for best hearing results.  Free Shipping and Try them for 60 days Risk Free.  

Made from high-end components the Simple Ear Advanced is very light and small in size so it will not interfere with eyewear. Equipped with Power-up Comfort ear-tip, the Advanced model achieves superior sound isolation without making you feel like your ear is totally plugged. With water resistant side microphones the Simple Ear Advance will work to give you greater amplification in everyday situations. It's easy to operate and powered by replaceable, widely available A312 batteries, which are also included in the package.

Simple Ear Settings

The Simple Ear Advanced is pre-programmed to boost hearing in situations where you want a boost in your hearing , like talking with family, in a work meeting, watching TV or a movie, out in social situations or talking on the phone. It is discrete yet provides powerful, intelligent amplification filtering out background noise. It is a powerful, slim behind the ear hearing device. Simple Ear Advanced has speech detection, amplification of soft sounds and noise filtering to help you hear human voices clearly, especially if you are in a noisy place. It has high definition digital sound processing to enable you to hear high-pitched voices, such as women’s and children's voices much better.

You get a choice of 3 setting modes and can adjust and control the volume within each mode.

  1. Quiet environment - for example, bird watching, at home watching TV, outdoors or in a quiet indoor place.
  2. Loud environment - such as a social setting or restaurant.
  3. T-Coil mode - to hear more clearly while on your cell or land line phone or connect directly to wired speaker systems in many buildings today

Purchase Includes

  • Simple Ear Advanced Hearing Device (choose beige or silver color) 
  • Attached thin sound tube with a Power Up Comfort Tip
  • 4 pack of A312 batteries
  • Cleaning string
  • Protective carrying case
  • Simple Ear User Guide
  • Simple Ear Maintenance Guide

Product Specifications

  • 100% Digital processing
  • Pre-programmed software set to be highly effective for over 85% of users
  • Amplification up to 40 decibels (add Power Up Earhook accessory for up to 52 decibels)
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Omni-directional , water resistant Microphone
  • Three simple Setting Modes: 1 beep = Quiet Place; 2  beeps = Noisy Place; 3 beeps= Telephone Mode (to hear better while on your landline or cell phone) 
  • Manual Volume Control at each setting
  • Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Two Channel Processing
  • Total Harmonic Distortion < 3%
  • High Impact Protective Casing
  • Low Battery Warning (3 fast beeps let you know your battery is low)
  • Uses standard 312 Battery—good 150-200 hours
  • Made in the USA