【Easy Installation & Setup】: No more running cables from cameras to NVR, or from cameras to router. Just plug the wireless security cameras into nearby power outlets, download free Zmodo app, and follow the in-app instructions to setup the wireless security system.
【Motion Video Clips】: Instead of getting just pictures when motion is detected, you will receive motion video clips in Zmodo app. Motion clips are saved to Zmodo cloud for 36 hours for free. Zmodo app also allows you to customize motion detection area and schedule time for notifications so that you can focus on things that are truly important!
【Remote & Local Playback】: Video footage is saved to the pre-installed hard disk, allowing you to playback both locally on your monitors or remotely on your smart devices, while video footage can also be saved to Zmodo cloud if you subscribed to it. Cloud playback serves as a secure backup for incidents that your NVR was stolen.
【Intelligent Recording】: Zmodo NVR uses the latest technology to optimize the storage capacity, recording at fewer frames per second when no motion is detected and at max during motion. Intelligent Recording can save up to 80% of your storage, so for a 500GB hard disk, NVR can record up to 90 days for 4 cameras. With HDMI port, you can view all the cameras live on your HDTV/Monitor at the same time.
 Easy Wireless HD Solution

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Read before purchase:
Each camera still needs to be plugged into a nearby power outlet to function.
Wireless refers to signal transmission, no video cables are needed.
The system requires a password protected 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and an Android 4.0 and up or iOS 7.0 and up smartphone for remote access.
Hassle Free Installation
These cameras don't need any wires for signal transmission. Just plug them into nearby power outlets and they are ready to go. Free from running cables from cameras and router, or from cameras to NVR.

The network system uses digital signal instead of analog signal transmission, so reduces signal loss during transmission and presents true 720p HD image quality.

Customizable Motion Detection Area
You can customize the motion detection area of each camera, and get motion alerts with video clips for that area only. Motion clips will be saved on cloud for 36 hours for free. Providing solid evidence of a criminal behavior by just downloading the motion video clips in Zmodo App.

Wireless 720p Cameras with Wider-Angle
Decorate your home with these beautiful wireless cameras, and you will be free from the hassles of running cables from cameras to router all over your house.

All cameras are equipped with 81°wider viewing angle and long range night vision, you're never in the dark to what's going on.

Install them outdoors or indoors to keep your home or business safe. All cameras are designed to withstand severe weather conditions (14°F to 122°F).

Smart NVR with Intelligent Recording
Don’t need to connect cameras to NVR, they communicate with each other wirelessly via your home router.

Zmodo NVR uses the latest technology to optimize the storage, recording at fewer frames per second when no motion is detected and at maximum frames per second during motion. Footage will be saved to a pre-installed 500GB hdd, allowing you to save up to 90 days of footage for four cameras.

Multiple-devices Viewing Simultaneously
Remote viewing is available for multiple devices: smartphone, iPad or PC by typing 'user.zmodo' into any web browser and logging in with your Zmodo account information. The updated Zmodo app allows you to check 4 cameras simultaneously in quad-screen so that you can always get the whole picture.

With HDMI port, you can also view all cameras’ live feeds and playback on your large-screen HDTV/Monitor in more details.

Zmodo Beam & Sensors (Not Included)
Complete your home security solution with extra Zmodo Beam and Sensors. Beam not only boosts wireless signal, but also acts as a Zmodo smart home hub, allowing you to connect Zmodo accessories such as door and window sensors and receive alerts on your phone when something is triggered. You can also add other Zmodo devices through Beam by one click.

Product description
The Zmodo wireless camera system is a 4 camera monitoring solution for your home or business. Setup is as simple as downloading the free Zmodo App, creating an account, and connect the cameras to your Wi-Fi. Once setup, you can remotely view from anywhere with a smartphone, iPad or PC. Footage will record to the 500GB NVR, allowing you to save up to 90 days of footage from all four cameras. Enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are and be notified when something happens.


* Easy Setup - Connect the NVR and cameras within minutes using Zmodo app. 
* Easy Remote Access - Enjoy peace of mind via your smartphone no matter where you are. 
* Stay Connected - Be notified when something happens with intelligent mobile alerts.

NVR Features

* IP video input: 4CH IP Camera Inputs
* Video Resolution: 720P HD
* Record Rate: 100fps
* Record Mode: Normal Recording / Intelligent Recording / Motion Activated Recording 
* Playback: Fast forward / Rewind / Slow play / Digital Zoom
* HDMI Output: 1 Channel
* Smartphone systems: iOS 7 and up, Android 4.0 and up
* Connectivity: 2.4GHz WiFi (Note: please connect your phone to the 2.4Ghz network if your router provides both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network).

Camera Feature

* Image Sensor: 720P Color Sensor
* Lens: 2.8 mm
* Angle of view (diagonal): 81 degree
* Number of IR LEDs: 24
* Night Vision: up to 65ft (20m) 
* Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux (IR On) 
* Operating Temperature: 14°F~122°F
* Weatherproof: Yes
* Power:12V DC

Package Includes

* (1) 4CH Network Security NVR
* (1) 500GB Hard Drive Pre-installed in the NVR
* (4) 720p HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 
* (4) 5V/1A Power Supply for Cameras 
* (1) 12V/2A Power Supply for NVR 
* (1) Ethernet Cable
* (1) Quick Guide